Zeal Documentation

Important: Please see Documentation Syntax before attempting to use any of the commands!


Zeal is an advanced, multipurpose discord bot created with the goal of making running a server easy. Featuring a Global Economy, Moderation, Utility, and more, Zeal is a one-stop-shop for servers everywhere!

Getting Started

The first step is to invite Zeal to your guild! You can invite the bot to servers you have Manage Server permissions in with this link.

By default, Zeal will ask for Administrator permissions. It is highly recommended that you grant them.

Tip: You can use this invite link to customize Zeal's permissions if you are hesitant to grant Administrator permissions.


Zeal is ready to use out of the box, but there are a multitude of settings you can use to customize how your server can use Zeal. Please see Settings for an in-depth walk through of setting up Zeal.


Zeal uses Modules to separate its commands into different sections. Users can load or unload these modules, depending on what parts of the bot they want their server to have access to. A module must be loaded in order for the commands inside to function.

Documentation Syntax

Important: Don't actually type out [p], [ ], < >, etc. Replace those characters with the actual parameters or the prefix.

[p] - Prefix [ ] - Optional Parameter < > - Required Parameter <thing1 | thing2> - Select one of the given options

💰 - Gold Command

💎 - Premium Command

Tip: The default prefix for Zeal is ;.

Did You Know?

  • You can ping the bot as your prefix. (ex: @Zeal help)