Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add Zeal to my server?

You can add Zeal to your server with this invite link. Please see Getting Started for more information.

Where can I get support for Zeal?

You can get support for Zeal in the Zeal Studios discord server. Zeal Studios is also a community server so you can join just to chill. We run giveaways, events, and more!

Why is Zeal not responding?

There are multiple reasons Zeal could not be responding. The first and most likely is that we are currently experiencing an outage. Please join Zeal Studios and check our #outages channel or check our Twitter for news an outage. If there is no outage currently, please make sure Zeal has correct permissions to see and send messages. If both of these are the case, please create a new ticket in Zeal Studios.

What is Zeal's default prefix?

Zeal's default prefix is ;, but can be changed with the [p]config set prefix command. You can also mention the bot as your prefix.