In addition to our Economy, Zeal comes pre-loaded with our Leveling system! This leveling system is both server-specific and global and runs on our XP system. Zeal gives users a random amount of XP between 1 - 25 for every minute that they are talking. Users can level up our ranking system, and earn some cool badges.



[p]rank [user]

Check your rank, or the rank of another user.

[p]profile [user]

Display your profile, or the profile of another user.

[p]top <server | global>

Display the server XP leaderboard or global XP leaderboard.




[p]rank <set | remove> xp-color <hexCode>

Set or remove the xp color of your rank card.

[p]rank <set | remove> level-color <hexCode>

Set or remove the level color of your rank card.

[p]rank <set | remove> background <imgURL>

💰 Set or remove the background of your rank card.

[p]profile <set | reset> info <text>

Set or reset your info box on your profile card.

[p]profile <set | reset> description <text>

Set or reset your description on your profile card.

[p]profile <set | reset> background <imageURL>

💰 Set or reset the background of your profile card.