Tip: This module goes hand-in-hand with our Warn System sub-module. It is recommended that you use both these modules in tandem.


Zeal's moderation system revolved around "points" or "strikes." These points are used to penalize users differently based on the severity of the offense. Zeal can take automated actions based on the amount of points a user has, allowing flexibility in server moderation. [See Warn System for more information]

Note: These commands are only available to users with a mod or admin role. [See Moderation Settings]



[p]mute <user> <duration> [points] [reason]

Mute a user for a set duration and optionally assign them points.

[p]unmute <user> [reason]

Unmute a user.

[p]kick <user> [points] [reason]

Kick a user from the server and optionally assign them points.

[p]ban <user> [duration] [points] [reason]

Ban a user from the server and optionally assign them points. Add a duration if you want the ban to be temporary.

[p]softban <user> [points] [reason]

Softban a user and optionally assign them points. Softbans ban and unban a user to delete messages.

[p]unban <userid> [reason]

Unban a user from the server.

[p]lockdown <channel>

Toggle the lockdown for a specific channel.

Note: The bot will default to 1 Point if the point parameter is left blank. You can change your server's default in the Warn System sub-module.

Moderation Settings

In order to successfully make use of Zeal's moderation and warn system, please define your mod and admin roles. You can add multiple roles to each category, and users with those roles will be able to use their respective commands, regardless of server permissions.

Note: Users must have ADMINISTRATOR permissions to add or remove Mod or Admin roles.



[p]config <set | delete> modrole <role>

Add or remove a role that is defined as a moderator.

[p]config <set | delete> muterole <role>

Add or remove a muted role.

Synchronous Bans

Zeal's Synchronous Ban system is used to ban users from servers that "opt-in". Users banned through this system will be verified by our staff team and are banned for one of many reasons. Some of these reasons include raiding, nuking, scamming, etc.

You must enable Synchronous Bans on your server in order for these bans to occur.



[p]config <enable | disable> syncban

Enable or disable synchronous bans on your server.